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Maximus IX Regresses on Wifi

Why did the 9 series boards drop Tri-band wifi in favor of dual band? This seems like a regression to me. Am I missing something? Tri-band was a great feature, especially when using your computer as a base station for others.

Strix 270E will not stay Asleep.

It will not go to sleep on it's own. If you put it to sleep it will sleep for 2 seconds and then wake up. When I run powercfg -lastwake it shows that the intel 3.0 hub is the culprit. Reloading the current driver does not fix the problem. There isn't...

Apache by Level 7
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Maximus IX Code - MoBo believes somehting is wrong with DRAM

Hey!I have an Asus ROG Maximus Code IX and it's been working perfectly, but I have a peculiar issue.There is a yellow LED on the MoBo that will light up when something is wrong the DRAM (memory), yet I have had no issues. The yellow light is not stat...

BlueV by Level 7
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Bent CPU pins on Asus ROG Strix Z270E Gaming

Hello, I accidentally bent the cpu pins on my new Asus ROG Strix Z270E Gaming.What is ASUS's policy about that? Is there a support email I can contact to get more info?I am willing to pay to get it fixed instead of buying a whole new mobo. Mobo was p...

g_tse by Level 7
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ROG panel w/Maximus IX Code

Anyone know if this item is discontinued to purchase?I cannot find it on www.asus.com to purchase as stated in the manual.

Usb 2 pins

HiI bought the corsair 120 hd fans and now i want the Node Pro with strips, but that Node pro box comes with a mini usb to usb 2 internal pin header cablehttp://techreport.com/news/31495/corsair-lighting-node-pro-brings-light-strip-control-to-every-p...

Psycrow by Level 11
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Z270G does not post when DIMM_A1 and DIMMA2 sockets used.

Hello everyone,I have next problem with my Asus Z270G motherboard:When I use DDR4 DIMM_A1 and DIMM_A2 RAM slots it won’t post, not even in to UEFI. Here are the sockets numbering for reference.I am using 2 sets of G.Skill DDR4 Trident Z RGB modules. ...

Sp1 by Level 7
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Maximus IX Formula Power on problem

Hi all,I`m sorry if this is the wrong place to post my problem, but I don't know where else to post it. My problem is every time I start my pc this happens and it hangs like this. After I push restart everything boots up normally and pc works fine.Tr...

-hetz- by Level 7
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MIXH shutdown issue

I don't know if this is a problem specific to my build or not but I'd say 20-30% of the time my system doesn't shut down. I'm running 7700k no-HT @5.1g no other setting's changed. I'm also running the second to last BIOS so if it's a BIOS issue mayb...

maximus ix formula boot order

Hi Guys, just finished an upgrade with maximus ix formula, i7-7700k, 16gb g-skill ddr4 and Samsung 960 m.2 drive, started the system with the old Samsung 840 evo ssd with no problems, used Samsung data migration to clone the 840 over to the 960 m.2 w...