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Absolutely can't get into Maximus IX Hero UEFI

I boxed myself into a corner but good. Any and all suggestions are most welcome.All of a sudden, no matter what I do, I can't get my system to enter the UEFI. I go straight to my Windows 10 login. I've tried all the 4 ways that one can get Windows it...

isaacc by Level 7
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help with UEFI RAM settings?

So I just got my ram yesterday, and booted into my UEFI for the first time. Everything seemed to be working, but my ram frequency was around half of what it's rated for. (1633MHz I think, when it's rated for 3000MHz). I saw the xmp profile setting,...

Sinept by Level 7
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Asus STRIX Z 270G Gaming - SPDIF Sound

Hello,Is this motherboard support DTS and Dolby Digital (AC3) sound over the optical Spdif out signal (jack) or what?Thank youПослато са SM-A500H уз помоћ Тапатока

Maximus IX Formula Wifi issues

Hello, I recently bought the Maximus IX Formula motherboard and I am experiencing constant wifi outages. I've tried every wifi updates since launch but to no avail. The problem seems to arise most when I play Virtual reality games or if a body is blo...

Birdflew by Level 7
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No OC Panel / ROG Ext?

Let me make sure I have this right.. the OC panel/rog ext was removed off the Strix Z270G Gaming for a TPM plug... for encryption? But the B250 Gaming board has it...Can someone explain how that makes sense?I didn't even notice.. a lot of other fe...

New PC turns on when the monitor but it is not signale - z270i

New PC turns on when the HDMI cable is connected to the monitor but it is not signaled.I just finished building my computer but is no signal going to the monitor. Everything is pluged in and I tryied both the GPU and the motherboard plugs.- MOBO: Asu...

Rog Maximus IX Extreme

Anyone know when the Rog Maximus IX Extreme will be released to buy. I am building a new ultimate water-cooled system and definatly want to get one of these boards. Any info appreciated...

NIK111 by Level 7
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Wake on lan..self power on after shutdown

I just installed wake up lan on my phone and configured my pc to start when i press my phones app shortcut with wifi enabled.And it works fine, but when i shutdown my pc, then at random times my pc turns it self on after 2 seconds shutdown. Then i ca...

Psycrow by Level 11
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IX Formula ram problem - no boot

I'm using Dominator Platinum 32gb, 4x8gb.Everything works fine until I try to use DIMM slot A1 where the system doesn't boot and goes from error code 49 to 3. I can use the other 3 slots just fine.Tried enabling and disabling XMP to no avail.Using th...

Mayh3M by Level 9
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