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MAXIMUS IX CODE has problem with Bluetooth

I have problem with Maximus ix code i just bought yesterday. I was so excited to upgrade my PC. Everything's was fine until i connect my PC with Bluetooth speaker. The connection was unstable, if anything got between my PC and my speaker, the connect...

kentieu by Level 7
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Z270F + G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200mhz

Hi Guys, * I've just purchased a 7700K, Strix Z270F and G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4 3200mhz and have read about some issues with this RAM. I'm still waiting on parts so I haven't built this yet but I've read about issues with this RAM and the Z2...

MrMitch by Level 7
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960 evo set at x2 in bios

Hi i have an asus strix 270f. I have installed a samsung 960 evo(500gb). Bios shows at x X 2, when i try to set it X 4 bios restarts and resets to x 2. What am I doing wrong, I 'm using the lower m.2 socket below graphics card. It says it shares wit...

Maximus IX - Passive cooling differences between the M2.5 slots

Looking at the board, the primary M2 slot has a large block that is attached to the w/c block for the CPU so there is some passive cooling there.What I don't quite see/understand is for the second M2 slot, which is currently under the other mother bo...

bjcsoln by Level 7
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IX Code - Random shutdown on load.

I'm trying to diagnose a problem I'm having with my new setup, whenever the system is under heavy load (games mostly) my system will randomly shut off. I say randomly because It doesn't seem to be related to temperature loads, it could happen after ...

brandorf by Level 7
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Problems with IX Formula after bios update

Hey guys, I updated the bios 2 days ago to 0906 and since this has happened I can't change my XMP profile anymore. I was originally just playing around with the TPU overclocking and the screen would go black and the board was giving me ram codes so ...


a odd question regaring HD light on the hero IX bios 0906

Hi guys. I have a odd question. I just install a PNY CS2030 SSD NVMe a small one 240GB. i have a clean install. it was fast recognize on the bios, I change the X2 to X4. All is working OK and how fast it is vs my old SSD. The question is the led ...

Maximus IX Code - Sticker Sheet code

Hi,Kind of a dumb question, but anyone know if the upper right sticker which resembles a credit card is a redeemable code in anyway? To be specific the sticker contains a 16 digit number, valid from: 06/06, executive club #: rog.asus.com.It's probabl...

Save OC Profile to USB Problem

I am trying to save my bios overclock profile to a usb stick which is formated Fat32 and in my Z270 Apex bios it keeps telling me can not save profile to NTFS disk.I tried 2 different sticks both fat32 and the same error message.Anyone know what mig...

NIK111 by Level 7
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Z170/Z270 ROG and ROG Strix UEFI updates for hyper-threading bug

Updates for multiple boards. These have not yet been validated, so won't be on the support site until that process is complete. If you cannot wait, here you go:Patched with microcode updates to fix hyper-threading issues for Kabylake and Skylake:Maxi...

Raja by Level 13
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