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Intermittent/rare Code 55 errors

I just got a Maximus IX Hero with i7-7700k and G.Skill DDR4-3600 CAS 15 memory ( https://gskill.com/en/product/f4-3600c15d-16gtz ). 2x8GB in slots A2 and B2 (the light gray ones, not the black ones).So when I first assembled it, everything seemed fi...

Raad11 by Level 7
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Need people who use on-board audio to comment please

Hi,I am currently using a Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card and I like it but something bothers me that I noticed when testing another PC with a USB audio system. When playing anything with sound, audiodg.exe consumes up to 6% of my 7700k CPU usage. ...

New Z270 BIOS 0906

The BIOS was just made available now from official support page.For Z270 IX Hero Download hereFor Z270 IX APEX Download hereFor Z270 IX CODE Download hereFor Z270 IX Formula! Download hereFor Z270 IX EXTREME Download hereFor STRIX Z270E GAMING Downlo...

d5aqoep by Level 8
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Maximus IX Formula Wifi Problems

I have been having endless problems with the wifi component of this motherboard. It will keep a steady connection for any random amount of time. Anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 hours and then for no reason at all, the driver will disconnect from the ne...

pilojo by Level 7
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Maximus IX Hero won't POST after AI Suite optimization

Hello all,I'm currently having major problems with the Maximus IX Hero motherboard, at first it won't POST normally with default optimized settings, but BIOS safe mode is still accessible. However after a few too many resets I couldn't even get it to...

Maximus IX Code Fan Problems

Hello community, I've build a new desktop, with high-end products.Before puting all components inside the case i have tested it if everything works. I conected my 3 case fans on the motherboard on the CHASSIS FAN slot. I've noticed that they are spin...

SirOxy by Level 7
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Asus Essence Strx Installation

Hey allI just wanted some opinion with my setup.I have a titan GPU on the first slot and the asus sound card right below it.I also have a Samsung 960 pro installed on the board.Now would this be any heat issue for my GPU? having the sound card right ...

qUAanA by Level 10
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usb type c - how to get it to charge fast ?

i have a hero IX and it used to change 'fast' but now it says charging slowly - any ideas what it would be ?i have a google pixel, i have tried a different cable - but no joy

Jimlad by Level 7
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Asus Checksum cbad

anyone know what is these? My battery is dying, a virus in my bios, or a bad something? running z2170 heroix 6700k and 0906 bios