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ROG Maximus IX Extreme - Additional Pins?

Hello.There are some additional pins on the bottom of the motherboard. there is no mention of them in the manual.If they are for services and or RMA reasons which are understandable. But what about the ones with BIOS labels? Can a jumper make it poss...

Sonic Studio III and routing applications not working correctly.

I'm curious to why this feature doesn't work on my pc. I have to keep setting the default device to my current situation.When I play a game, I have to go in and set the default, and changed the default when I'm not gaming.Why doesn't routing feature ...

RAM Help & Info

Hi All I Have A MAX IV FORMULA I Have A Set of 4x 8gig Of CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 SO A SET OF 2 CMK16GX4M2B3200C16. Same Ram Same Set Same Numbers Same Timings 16-18-2T Running with XMP In Bios With 1.36v. In CPU-Z It Shows In The SPD Ranks That Slot*1 & ...

nufc179 by Level 7
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Trying to install second m2 SSD

Hi, with the maximus ix hero I am booting from a 250gb PnY NvME SSD in m2_1. I have been for awhile everything works fine. I just got a 960 EVO and i pop it into m2_2 and I cant get into BIOS or windows. It gets stick on the "Push delete or f2 to ent...

Armory Crate

Is Armory Crate compatible with the Maximus IX Formula? I noticed my cpu usage is horrible and i tried updating all the drivers and im on the 2004 update of windows and have all the updated drivers by mr m. (or so i think i do)I see its not listed bu...

ROG STRIX Z270-I motherboard overheating M.2

Hello,I was wondering if anyone was running a ROG STRIX Z270-I motherboard with M.2s and, if so, what your M.2 drive temperatures were.I have a Samsung 950 PRO 256GB in one slot (primary drive with the OS) and a 970 EVO 1TB in the other (used general...

Maximus IX Hero won't boot, Q-code 00, without power off/on

I have a 7700K in a Maximus IX Hero. I tested all the components and put the system together and it worked great for a few days then on the 3rd or 4th day after use it started not booting when powered on. I can see the machine is getting power. Al...

stripped screw on z270i itx

i was planning to add m.2 nvme but when i was about to pull out the screw the 2nd one got stripped. i thought i was the onlyone having this problem but i saw few people complaining about it. ended up damaging the screw just to pull out the heatsink. ...

Maximum Hero IX - Unable to update BIOS

Hi,I have a Maximus Hero IX (Revision 1.xx), Intel i7 7700k, 32Gb RAM. My BIOS is version 0505.I have tried upgrading to the latest BIOS (1301) by using the EZE3 tool within the BIOS itself and via the BIOS flashback option. While it seems to update,...

Lee_R by Level 7
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