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BIOS 1009 - z270

New bios version 1009 has been released for most of the z270 boards. Lets collect our feedback here.ChangelogImproved device compatibility.Update SKL/KBL CPU microcode.Improve system performance and stability.Improve system boot time.Fixed Logitech d...

appe_ by Level 7
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Problems with audio Z270E :(

You are experiencing no audio problems with the realtek driver version sound sucks.Video demonstrating the problem. Is this a common problem?:(I7-7700KROG Strix Z270E32gb Corsair V. LedWindows 10 Pro 64

IX Hero - Front Audio not working?

Hello all,I'm using the Maximus IX Hero board and a Corsair 460x Case.I just swapped from wireless corsair void pros (garbage FYI) and picked up a nice set of Sennheiser Cans with a mod mic.However, I can't seem to get the front Audio panel working, ...

Dtfkev by Level 7
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LED motherboard Problem - Maximus IX Formula

Hello communityI am having this problem with the maximus ix motherboard formula. Somebody could help me?.While it is off, all the LEDs work but when they are turned on they remain flashing in red as shown in the video.thank you very much !https://dri...

wonejo by Level 7
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My Maximus IX Code PC restarting randomly

Hello, I would like to ask regarding my pc restarting problem with this spec:Processor: Intel i7 - 7700kMotherboard: Maximus IX Code GPU : Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 8GB AMP ExtremeRAM: Corsair DDR 4 Vengeance RGB PC 27700 2x8GB (A2 & B2)PSU : XFX XTR Se...

Glaxie by Level 7
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New build help- Cold boot.

Hi all.Bit of a noob here. Having a problem with a purchased custom pc booting from cold.( Powered off at wall/plug.)Starts ok if turned off and left in standby with the mains switched on.First boot after switching on power all I get is a no signal f...

kwaka by Level 7
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Bluetooth connectivity issues - Asus Strix Z270G

So, I have an Asus Z270G. The bluetooth is having a lot of trouble staying connected to individual devices.However, the bluetooth works perfectly if I stand behind the case, or if I open the case. I'm guessing my case is interfering with the signal. ...

asynec by Level 7
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Maximus IX Apex won't post after saving BIOS - two q-codes..

I had been running my system (i7-7700k, Maximus IX Apex) with no issues at all, until I updated the bios. Something clearly went wrong, tech support thought possibly because I jumped from an old version to the newest without updating incrementally.In...