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CPU Fan Error(H115i,Maximus IX Hero)

Hey guys, so as the titles says, my rig is:Asus Maximus IX HeroCorsair H115i(with 2 140MM fans)I7 7700K3 SP120 fans (built-in with my Corsair 570x)1 HD120 fanI built it about 9 months ago and everything worked just fine, cpu temp was about 25-40 most...

AmitBL by Level 7
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Connection Water cooling???

Hii buy a Maximus IX HERO (1151) and Thermaltake Water Extreme 3.0 S and i dont know where to connect the pump and fans.I assume that fans go in CPU_FAN and I have the doubt with the pump AIO_PUMP or W_PUMP+???Thanks for the help.

Another Code Discussion - Code 30

Hey, when I got the PC and built it. I used to get the code 40. I formatted the PC and installed windows 10 x64 in UEFI mode GPT. Now when I boot I get code 30, sometimes it switches to 28-29 and 31.... But mostly 30. All these codes represent someth...

MikeezS by Level 7
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Multiple issue with onboard sound card driver.

maximus ix hero, win 10 fall creator's update.1.Using HD front panel, and use "split rear panel audio jacks to separate audio streams", then I insert the audio jack from my headphone, the audio should go to my front panel headphone, not my rear panel...

cdytoby by Level 7
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Hi , Doing a new build , the system will not POST. CPU is i7-7700k dram is 4 stick of 8gb GSKILL F4-4133C19D-16GTZC Video MSI GTX1080 DUKE SSD NVMe WD blackcorsair H115i cooling with only 1 dram in any slot , any one of the 4 rams , system stops ...

Gajets by Level 8
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Performance issues with Asus Strix Z270G & GTX 1080 ti OC edition

Hail and well met!! I am new to the forums. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me. I just built out a new gaming rig for VR, gaming and cartography work. Here's the build...Phanteks Evolv matx tempered glassi7 7700kAsus Strix Z...

Braxwulf by Level 7
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Z270E + 7700K stuck at 800mhz

Just finish setup my new board with Z270 + 7700K. No matter what i do, the multiplier stuck at x8. I check CPUZ, and cpu is 7700k. I check all settiing in bios and it cant pass 800Mhz. So frusting.....I had setup another one Z27H with 7600K and ...

Aura not working after upgrade

HI all,I updated the Aura for my MAXIMUS IX FORMULA but now am unable to start it. Every time I start it up it asks to restart my computer. I already did when the installation finished . Any one have any idea how to fix this. Could there be any regis...

Bluetooth/Wifi on Strix Z270E not working at all

Set up my Strix Z270E this morning, wifi & bluetooth worked fine. Had some issues trying to install my MX Master via bluetooth, but there were some updates so I did those, including a BIOS update to 0801.Restarted - no bluetooth. It's not even showin...

eclenic by Level 7
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