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I7 7700k + Z270E problems

I'm puzzled why this machine refuses to boot.I started with thise specs:I7 7700k + Maximus VIII Hero (Z170) + Crosair Vengence 1x16 LPX 3200 MHzI opdated the BIOS as the first thing and ran default settings.Only managed to make it boot sucsesfully on...

Nak200 by Level 7
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[SOLVED] Maximus IX Code Audio Issues

Hello!I recently upgraded to my listed specs and i started hearing popping sound every now and then. Now its gotten worse and happens every 5 second or so, specially when i use VoIP programs.I started investigating and its not my headset's fault (Hyp...

Feary by Level 7
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maximus ix code z270

so this mobo has built in wifi antenna, im connected to my router over ethernet and over wifi at once, but i dont know how to aggregate those 2 connections for better lan speed, also on the product page it says i can connect to 2 wifi at once, but al...

Miecz by Level 7
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What cable to use on usb 3.1 on I/O plate (Z270E)

hello i have Galaxy s8 i want to take the full speed from usb 3.1 on I/O plate What cable do i use ( usb type c to usb type c ) or ( type A to type C ) i see some cable they say Gen 1 or Gen 2 is there is a difference ?

FIIZEEX by Level 7
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wake on bluetooth and ix code audio

Hi,Is there a way to wake the pc from sleep with a dualshock 4I tried enabling wake on pcie but the option in power management for bluetooth to allow this device to wake computer is grayed out.Can i send audio over hdmi from mobo to an av receiver. C...

Asusgpu by Level 7
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Maximus IX Hero bluescreens. Logitech compatibility?

Hope someone here can help me, since google failed me...System:MoBo: Maximus IX hero.CPU: i7-7700KCPU-fan: BeQuiet! DarkRock Pro 3RAM: G.Skill 16GB DDR4-3400 (2x 8GB)GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 TiHDD: Crucial 500Gb SSDOS: Win10 64Entire system is maybe two...

Faulty Maximus IX Hero? Faulty CPU? Just my complete ignorance? Help!

Hi,I am the proud owner of a new Maximus IX Hero motherboard, along with a new i7-7700k CPU, 2 new 8GB modules of Corsair 3600 DDR4 DRAM, and an oldish, but fully functioning, 880W ATX PSU. I have also purchased, but not yet unboxed, a Corsair H80i v...

Asus Strix Z270i - Issues, Red CPU LED..

Hey,So i built a new PC a few days ago and today when turning it off and moving it to a new desk, issues occured. (Rarely turn my pc´s off). After having it moved to the new desk, i plugin all the cables and start the pc - Wont POST and CPU_LED is li...

Malkan by Level 7
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