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update drivers with old bios

I'm currently running bios (v. 0801) on an asus ix hero with no problems but would like to do a clean win10 install on a new ssd drive. If I want to keep the same bios version (801) since it has been stable for me, should I install the same drivers f...

neo8175 by Level 7
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New build maximus ix extreme need help

Hi guys, and gals thanks for viewing and or trying to help. I purchased a maximus ix extreme, as i want to use all liquid cooling. PartsCase-DEEPCOOL GENOME ROG Certified Edition with Built-in 360 Liquid Cooling System ATX Gaming Mid Tower Computer C...

Gooch by Level 7
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How do I increase my post time?

Is there some offset, or something I can do to increase my post time by a couple of seconds with my ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero?I finally got the last component of my new gaming build, a Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 sound card. The sound is great and I ...

Maximus IX RAM Issue (B1/B2)

Good afternoon everyone,I was hoping you guys could help me with an issue i'm having. My PC specs are as follows:Case: Corsair 570XMotherboard: Asus Maximus IX CodeCPU: Intel i7 7700kCPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62RAM: G.Skill TridentZ 32GB (4x8GB) 3200M...

Rico515 by Level 7
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NEW Drivers For Z270 M.B. , Query

Hi; There is New Drivers For Z270 M.B. My M.b. is ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO 1- AUDIO :: Version LAN :: Version 22.93- Intel ME :: V11.7.0.10454- Intel Chipset :: V10.1.1.455- SATA :: Version My Question is :: When i install Sata...

Retired by Not applicable
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ROG STRIX Z270F GAMING the sound rattles

where can there be a problem that the sound came to shake when listening to music? playing less often hears. the headphones are Siberia 200.the drivers are the latest on the motherboard page

Asus Strix Z270H and USB problems

I have a Asus Strix Z270H MB and are having some USB issues.After the computer has been on for some time (i usually just put it in sleep mode, not turning it completly off) the USB ports stopps working correctly.It won't detect devices etc. and I eit...

EinarN by Level 7
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I7 7700k + Z270E problems

I'm puzzled why this machine refuses to boot.I started with thise specs:I7 7700k + Maximus VIII Hero (Z170) + Crosair Vengence 1x16 LPX 3200 MHzI opdated the BIOS as the first thing and ran default settings.Only managed to make it boot sucsesfully on...

Nak200 by Level 7
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[SOLVED] Maximus IX Code Audio Issues

Hello!I recently upgraded to my listed specs and i started hearing popping sound every now and then. Now its gotten worse and happens every 5 second or so, specially when i use VoIP programs.I started investigating and its not my headset's fault (Hyp...

Feary by Level 7
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