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Maximus IX Code - A little insight and delidded 7700k

Hello ROG guru's and newcomers alike.ASUS has entered a new "Code" into their line of ROG motherboards. No not a digital code but the Maximus IX Code, it's a new ROG motherboard that falls between the Maximus IX Hero and Maximus IX Formula and afte...

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Nate152 by Moderator
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"MyFavorite" Folder on C drive

Can anyone tell me which Asus software installs this empty MyFavorite folder on the C: drive. Its definitely an ASUS program since it gets installed from the motherboard CD. Is there a way to disable it because once deleted, it's created again on nex...

Question about MEupdate tool

Hi guys, I have a Maximus IX hero on BIOS 1009, and i would like to ask a simple question: using the ME Tool update, which is included into Bios category on motherboard support, are there any changes in Bios settings like restore to default settings ...

Kyle922 by Level 7
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Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.8273 - why so big?

Hi,there is a Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.8273 on Asus-Site withg over 750MB...In the past, i used the Realtek-Driver from the Rt-Homepage which is 240MB only.What did Asus include in the driver? Is there additional Software inside? And can i choose ...

JoergH by Level 7
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Bios 1203 - when?

In Asus-News, i read that there will be Bios-Updates for nearly every Board because of the Intel-Security-Thing...When does the Bios came, any timeline out there?Thanks!

JoergH by Level 7
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A new update for the ME Drivers. and a bios ME DRIVER????

Good morning to allFrom the Z170 room, it come to my atencion that there is a UPDATE for the ME drivers. Also appears to my Z270 CHIPSETVersion MBytesManagement Engine InterfaceImprove system stabilityThere is also. Inside ...

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Z270E - 3secs / 5sec beep whilst fully operational

Hi,I occasionally hear a short low-sounding beep from my first build. Everything is working perfectly fine (seemingly) and I boot up without any issues into Win 10 pro. Whilst in operation once in a while I hear an almost whispering 3 or 5 second lon...

Can't update chipset drivers in Win 10/64 Asus Maximus IX Hero

Any tips on installing chipset drivers( I ran the .exe, everything appeared to go w/o a hitch "Installation successful", but the driver version is still the old one. Tried manually updating drivers in device manager, but no go Auto/ Manual...

Despotes by Level 7
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Problems with 2 x Samsung 960 evo m.2 in RAID ?

Maximus IX Formula250GB samsung 960 evo m.2 -- Win 10 & progs1TB samsung 960 evo m.2. -- GAMES etc2 x GTX 1080I've replaced the 250GB stick with another 1TB samsung 960 evo m.2 and set them up in a RAID 0 configuration which shows up in the BIOS.....

My underperforming 4266 Memory on my Z270G Motherboard

First time into over-clocking last year got myself a fancy looking but unsupported GSKILL 4266 kit without reading the small print along with a de-lidded 7700K pre-stress-tested to 4.8Ghz and a Z270G Gaming board (wanted a smaller form factor case) p...

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Lon55 by Level 7
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