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This is a new build. Second day trying to get it to work.Build:ASUS Z270-AR 1151 ATXCorsair 64 GB 16x4 D4 2666Corsair Crystal 260X RGB ATXZotac GTX1080Ti FE 11GBTower lights up, RGB fans light up, fans spin, video card lights up, no memory LED on...

aSentOne by Level 7
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What is the proper way to use External Sound Card?

I have a Asus Z270 Strix-G Motherboard setup and recently purchased a Soundblaster X-G5 usb Sound Card. Curious if there is a specific way to use this in conjunction with the motherboard.I keep on having to un-install and re-install drivers for this ...

[BSOD] Crash only on first power up for the day

Hey there,I've been having problems with this for a few months and gradually trying to figure out what it going wrong, but im at a loss now.Any time I leave my PC off for an extended period (usually overnight) around 2 minutes after first boot I get ...

Z270E And USB Headers

Recently installed some new bits and parts to finish (lol) my "new" rig. Among these were fans, hub/controller, and replaced my PSU. All same company and should be controlled by their software. Nothing showed up in that software. So I went to their f...

Z270H + Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 RAM compatibility issue

Hi.Since recently I had a RAM compatibility problem with my MB ASUS ROG Strix Z270H and memory kits Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15).When i build my new system a year ago on this moterboard i also bought 2 kits (2*8 + 2*8) of Corsair R...

Syberon by Level 8
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Issue with Maximus IX Code wifi and BIOS version 1301

For some reason, this messes with wi-fi in Windows on my Maximus IX Code. Whenever I start a download from Steam or something similar, the internet in general is unusable. I tried with the built-in wi-fi and a Asus PCE-AC88 and the issue still occurs...

Does my Ram-Settings harm my DDR-Ram or Mainboard/CPU?

Hi,i managed to get my RAM stable at the following settings:2666Mhz15-15-15-361.28 VoltCPU VCCIO Voltage: 1.10V (Aida64 say 1.112V)CPU System Agent Voltage: 1.10v (Aida64 say 1.112V)I have a Asus Maximus IX Hero Board (CPU: i7-7700k non-OC) with 32 ...

JoergH by Level 7
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Hero IX sometimes doesn't output video on boot

I don't have an OS yet (getting it next month), or a gpu (later this year). I have everything else except a disc drive and a wireless/bluetooth adapter (and an hdd for secondary storage). Video is being output to a tv via hdmi (I don't have a suitabl...

Sinept by Level 7
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Revert to default ? ?

So i used the 5 way optimisation but now i want to go back to default , then update bios and then redo the optimisationI will have to also disable the XMP profile But anyway , how do i go back to complete default in the bios ?Its a Z270F board Thank...