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[Z270F] Crackling and glitching sound from onboard soundcard...

Hi.I'm using Win10 and latest drivers for my Asus Mobo, but the sound coming from onboard soundcard is crackling and popping and glitching.I tried several solutions I found on this forum, such as deleting all the Sonar software, disabling Realtek HD ...

Neo-ST by Level 7
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Intel RST Premium With Intel Optane System Acceleration (RAID)

Hello,In my Z270 bios, I have two options for SATA Mode selection :- AHCI- Intel RST Premium With Intel Optane System Acceleration (RAID)What is the difference between them? Does the Intel SATA mode improve performance compare to AHCI? I specify that...

lexo1000 by Level 7
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Formula | No USB Ports Working

Specs: Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS XI Formula RAM: CORSAIR DDR4 3200mhzCPU: i7-7700kPSU: 750W CorsairGPU: GTX 1070 Founders EditionStorage: 1 TB SSD, and a 250 GB SSDNONE OF MY USB PORTS ARE WORKING OR PICKING UP MY KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. My computer was ...

Noahg by Level 7
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Maximus IX Hero Aura cables?

Greetings,I've been trying to find a proper 4 pin Aura cable for this mobo, but haven't gotten much traction. I should have found two in the box, but only had one when I bought it.Google seems to want to show me 3 pin addressable products when I sear...

Intel RST 16.x UEFI pre-boot driver for Z270

Hi All, Intel recently released the 16.x series drivers for RST which includes support for Optane caching of *non-boot* drives. I've got a MAXIMUS HERO IX with 32GB Optane module that I'd love to use to accelerate the HDD that most of my apps are on...

How to enable Bluetooth Keyboard in UEFI

So I'm running the Maximus IX Code with 1301 BIOS and I'm pretty sure that I read that AMI supports Bluetooth Keyboard in UEFI. I have Bluetooth enabled in UEFI and the keyboard is paired when Windows 10 loads but the keyboard is not seen or detected...

dk2463 by Level 7
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Anyone using an Optane M.2 drive on their IX Extreme?

I built a system a while back, installed a 32GB Optane drive, and when I finished by build, I found out that it could only cache the boot drive so I just disabled it until recently when they changed this. Since I ran my loop with borosilicate glass t...

rolldog by Level 9
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Internal Sata Ports

I just brought the Maximus IX Apex and did not realize that it only had 4 Sata Ports. Any suggestions for adding more ports?