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Audio Quality of Maximus IX Hero

Level 7
I had an Evga X58 Sli micro Motherboard (audio coded ACL 889) and I have now Asus Z270 Maximus IX Hero (audio codec 1220) and I think the actual audio is not as good as from the old mobo. It sounds lower and kinda distorted due all Sonic Studio effects. Also if I disable the effects it feels not clear enough and with no punch , lets put that way.
First, I would like to know if there's a reason to this and if it makes any sense because the new chip is more advanced in technology?
I am using a Siberia V2, same headphone I used with the older mobo. When I plug it, it says "Your rear line out impedance is under 51 ohm" (I have no clue what that means) and sets amplification level to performance, but if is too low in volume and I need to put it to powerful or extreme to have a good volume.
I got the latest drivers from the Asus site and also latest bios and all. IS there anything wrong?
Also, if I decide to upgrade to an offboard solution, what you recommend and that is relatively cheap to play racing games and listen to some Heavy Metal and will I notice a big jump in quality?

Level 15
The onboard audio is fine for my needs. Audio quality is subjective after all. If you feel like it's sub-standard to what you're used to, a discrete audio card sounds like a good solution. Creative cards are quite popular around here.