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Level 7

Group - I have a brand new Z270M-PLUS with a brand new i7-7700 that won't do anything; no POST, nothing on a monitor screen, no beeps at turn on from a known working speaker connected to MONO_OUT. At MB power on (before use of the ON pushbutton) a small green LED near the COM header comes on, as do the 2 amber accent LEDs in the PCIE slots; these stay on after the ON pushbutton is used; after the ON pushbutton the amber LEDs start to blink off very briefly every 4 seconds or so. Nothing ever appears on the monitor from the VGA connector. The voltages on the pins of EATXPWR and EATX12V look correct; this PSU operates an older Intel DG35EC MB just fine. The CPU gets warm to touch but not hot; it's drawing some power. Examination of the LGA1151 socket with a laboratory microscope shows that the pins look fine. I've been struggling with this thing for 2 weeks with absolutely no progress. What am I doing wrong? forgetting? overlooking? Is there some header pin jumper I don't know about; some preliminary connection I'm not doing? Instructions? Suggestions? Advice? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.