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ASUS Maximus IX Code z270 and nvme/pcie RAID

Level 7
So, I got 4 NVME ssds, two of them are in m.2 slots, 2 of them are in pcie>m.2 adapters in the x8 and x4 pcie slots, all drives are working fine, but as soon as i enable IRST in the BIOS, the drive from x8 slot just vanishes, and i am unable to add it to the RAID setup, its still visible in Windows, Ive tried so many different options, but literally nothing works, so I just want to know, is the x8 pcie slot not supported for IRST and i was just wasting my time, or Im doing something wrong?

Level 7
Sorry for the late response here. Just as a guess, but if the M.2 slots are set to default PCIe, they're going to be running at 4x, and if the 8x isn't set down to 4x, getting it into a RAID set shouldn't work. Also, as a general note for this age of MBs, using 4x on all drives in a RAID set is recommended. Here's a configuration guide that should help: