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Asus Ai Charger+

Level 8
I was thinking I could fast charge my Galaxy S8 phone with this software, but I cant even get the software to install properly.
After running setup and reboot, there is an AI Charger icon in taskbar, but I cant do anyhing about it.

Is this feature even activated on the ROG IX Formula? Its in the list of features on the homepage and other specs site, but cant find any documentation or manual about how to use it.

Cant find it in the ROG AI Suite Dual Intelligent processors 5 either.

Level 9
I don't believe it is anything like fast charge like Qualcomm's QuickCharge technology. But it will provide up to 2.0 amps rather than 0.5 amp on a standard USB port.

Level 15

I too have the same issue. I'm trying to charge up my LG. But I can't find the AI charger anywhere. If I try to install it from my motherboard disc, it says it is already on the system.

I know on mine the icon is only for showing if it is active, noting to open with it. When my iPhone is not plugged in it has a red x, when it is plugged in it has a green check mark. I have noticed that if my phone is plugged in prior to boot up it doesn't change. Also like the other posted mentioned it allows a usb port to charge at 2A instead of 0.5

I'm getting the feeling that this program is IPhone friendly and not android friendly. O well.