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Are there a lot of problems with the Maximus IX Hero

Level 8
I'm gathering together the components for my new build and am all but committed to the Maximus IX Hero. It seems to me as if there are a lot of issues with this board. It's making me nervous about pulling the trigger on the Hero. It's not even the money, rather I really, really don't want to spend an ungodly number of hours debugging and dealing with customer support.

Is it my imagination because I have the Hero in mind? Maybe it's because the Hero is a very popular board and the many people who aren't having a problem naturally don't post that everything is just fine. Issues with the other Asus Z270 boards aren't helping my perception. Is anyone else noticing this about the IX Hero?

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hi ;

i bought this M.B IX hero it is very good in gaming in apps in windows 10
i have had it than one month
No issues and everything running O.K

I recommend you to buy it

Yeah, been having the same dilemma as you. Gotta replace my motherboard and I've been looking at this one.
I think the main problems i've been seeing are memory compatibility, especially with XMP and not being able to go past a certain speed.
Early on there was a problem with the audio drivers not working, I know the workaround there is just to download it off the ASUS website for the motherboard.

Hopefully there aren't any other problems 😕

I have the z270 Hero mobo. I have had it now for about 2 months and it has been great. Also it is a great overclocker. The only issue I have had with it, is the ROG AI Suite software is showing around 10 degrees lower cpu temps than the third part apps I use to monitor temps. Not sure why yet. Also, I just updated to the new 906 BIOS and so far so good. I would recommend this mobo to anybody looking for a good stable motherboard.

Level 15
The farther you stray way from 2133MHz, the higher the chances that manual tweaking is required. If you're looking for the best plug-n-play experience, get a memory kit that's in the 2400MHz range.

I also have the IX Hero board with no problems at all. Every manufacture has pups, be it motherboards or cars, so to some extent it's the luck of the draw.
Considering the sheer number of IX Hero boards sold and the number of problems on sites like this one, it amounts to a small fraction of overall sales.
So many people are total paranoid over buying anything -will it work- what do I do if it has problems, It's a bloody computer motherboard, it's not life threatening- get a life.