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Anyone had this problem with the onbaord Audio?

Level 7
The Realtek onboard Sound not detecting Subwoofer

3.5 jack

Tried with Audio drivers that came with the Motherboard ROG Maximus IX . Plug in 3.5 does not detect subwoofer. Tried all the jacks; gives me two options one is Line in and the other is Side Speaker.Went to Realtek site and downloaded their latest drivers (Like above Post) Still no Subwoofer detection. Bad Board?

I still have the option to RMA the board with Newegg so I am trying to get a quick answer....

Level 15
dmoneytrue wrote:

Tried with Audio drivers that came with the Motherboard ROG Maximus IX . .

Which model do you own?

Drrrr should have stated that....


I have and it does not recognize it.

I have a spare Gigabyte 6 core processor computer as a spare and when you plug in the 3.5 in any jack onboard sound it detects and gives you 3+ options. The ASUS ROG gives me 2 Line in or Side Speaker. Once again Bad Board?

Chino wrote:
You should be using the orange connector for the subwoofer.

Thats it? No one else with the same problem? Guess it is RMA time.

Level 14
What speakers are you using? Do you have speakers plugged in to the front speaker jack when you plug in the Sub?

Not certain what type of SubWoofer you have, but I had a similar problem but mine was related to the type of 3.5mm to RCA plug adapter (I am using my old Polk Audio subwoofer from an old 5.1 setup).

I tried using a mono-plug adapter - which in theory is supposed to work. I ended up using a stereo plug adapter I bought at Frys and it worked. Had to tweak Windows that it had 5.1 and disable the center and rear speakers.