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AIO pump: where do you connect it?

Level 8
Hi guys. I was wondering where did you connect your AIO pump. I have an h100i v2 and at the beginning I have connected it to the CPU header, then I switched to the pump header and I have connected an exhaust fan to the CPU header.

I have noticed that by switching to the pump header the AIO is extremely louder than it was when It was connected to the CPU header. I believe the reason is because now the pump constantly running at 100%. I was wondering if also the AIO fans are now running at 100% though which might be the reason why the AIO is so loud.

Any suggestion?

Thank you!

Level 13
By default, thee aio header is configured to run at full speed. This is because some aio pumps don't spin-up at lower speeds. You can set the header to be controlled, though. The parameters and behaviour are the same as a normal fan header.

Level 13
After making some connection there is no difference as far i can tell, if i connect the fans to cpu fan and opt fan. Both are wire together. and both fans spins the at the same speed if control on the bios by the cpu fan.
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Level 9
I have the AIO pump 3 pin (single cable) connector connected to the AIO pump header of my M/B. The fans of the AIO are connected to the AIO's "hub" along with the respective LEDs. Works like a charm.