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Adaptive Vcore on Z270G

Level 7
Hi everyone,

So I've got an i7 7700k on an Asus z270g. I clocked it to 4.6 and left the vcore on Auto, it does go up to 1.32v sometimes and I have fully tested it on Manual @ 1.2v stable.

So, my question is the following, I want to have 1.2v maximum on LOAD. On idle I want it to downscale as it does when on Auto (usually goes down to 0.6~0.7v with c3 and c6 states enabled). What happens when I switch to Adaptive Voltage is that no matter the values or the offset it always go over the value I set at. If I choose Manual it just stays at the value I set at, in this case 1.2v, even on idle. I fully remember my z97 motherboard not acting this way and even going down to 0.3~0.5 volts on Manual due to the C-states.

So, has something changed in the z270 series that I'm unaware of? Can someone help me achieve what I want?


Chino wrote:
Which options are you modifying for Adaptive voltage?

Just the regular voltage and the offset, even if the offset is set to Auto be it + or - the result is the same. It always goes over my set voltage


Level 15

Chino wrote:
Do you have the Additional Turbo Mode CPU Core Voltage option? That's what I use and has never failed me.

Yes, I have it set to 1.2v, offset - and offset voltage on Auto or whatever value I input there it always goes up to around 1.23-1.26v when gaming for example.

Level 13

The adaptive voltage cannot be lower than the existing programmed VID by Intel. If set lower the result will be the default value.

Try a manual negative offset with LLC set to level 5 or 6. For example, if you want 1.2v, set the turbo voltage to 1.205v and the negative offset to -0.005. You can play around with the numbers to reach your target.