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Absolutely can't get into Maximus IX Hero UEFI

Level 8
I boxed myself into a corner but good. Any and all suggestions are most welcome.

All of a sudden, no matter what I do, I can't get my system to enter the UEFI. I go straight to my Windows 10 login. I've tried all the 4 ways that one can get Windows itself to throw you into UEFI, and I get Windows login instead. Mashing any of the appropriate keys does no good. Even the Windows-specific keys that gets you into the recovery screens don't work. To be sure, boot-up is very fast. I don't know how or when but I must have enabled ultrafast boot, or something. Even bootable USB drives aren't being recognized and boot from.

My last hopes are (a) flash the BIOS to 901. I have 806 on my motherboard. My system is working perfectly, except for this, so I never saw the need to flash the BIOS to 901. And, (b) I recall that Asus' Z170 boards had a Windows utility that threw you into the UEFI. Isn't there one for the Z270 chipset, because I'm not finding it.

The nub of it is that I configured my system drive using 2x M.2 NVMe drives in a RAID 0 array under Intel Rapid Storage Technology. As soon as I flash the BIOS I'll lose whatever metadata is in the CMOS and I'll lose the RAID 0 array and my whole bloody installation. My personal data is well backed-up. I'm trying to avoid having to spend many hours re-installing Windows and all the rest of my C drive.

Has anyone any experience or knowledge of this issue of not being able to get into UEFI? I'm trying to get some clues as to what might be causing this. Also, if you have any suggestions for alternate courses of action, please post. Appreciated!

Level 13

Remove the fan from the CPU fan header. During POST press F1 as shown on the screen.

Praz wrote:

Remove the fan from the CPU fan header. During POST press F1 as shown on the screen.

Brilliant, thanks. I forgot about those types of forced errors.