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7700k + MAXIMUS IX HERO overheat?

Level 7
Hi Guys,

I am not really new to this forum but it is (i think) the first time I have some real troubles.

A few weeks ago I bought my new System (specs see below) and noticed a problem while using the Intel HD graphic. (still waiting for the 1080 TI Strix ..)
1.) Artifacts in the windows 10 menu and in old games like FEAR. (see screenshot attached)
2.) After a short time of gaming (Age of Empires 2 HD) the system shuts down and restarts.

After some testing i found out, that the CPU Package temperature hits the 100° so I checked the CPU cooler and replaced the heat paste. No success...
During a bench i saw, that the CPU Package temperature only hits the 100° when the HD graphic chip was stressed. (CPU cores approx 65°)
So I disabled the HD graphic in the device Manager and the first thing I have noticed... that the Artifacts are gone.

I updated and reinstalled the HD Graphics drivers, updated the bios to 0906 but still no success.
There is still one week left to send some items back to amazon but I am not sure which. CPU? Motherboard?

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance.

CPU: i7 7700k (not overclocked only XMP)
GPU: Intel HDGraphics 630
Mobo: Maximus IX Hero
RAM: 32GB Dominator® Platinum ROG Edition
Monitor: ROG PG348Q: 3440x1440 @ 60hz
Windows 10 PRO

Level 7
There is a developing story with the Intel 7700K CPU. A good number of people are reporting temperature spiking problems. I'm not sure if that is what you are experiencing. You'll have to run some benchmarks to see if you are in the same boat as the others.

Look to this thread here on this forum: MAXIMUS IX HERO CPU TEMP SPIKES AND FAN CYCLING

However, the main and much more useful thread is on Intel's own forums. They are apparently actively investigating this issue: Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?

I so hope they will investigate this properly.
Not just "Guys, it totaly OK 'till it blows up and then it's you fault cuz you OC the K index CPU too much"
:mad::mad: hating intel right now.
Thinking that would have better spent x3 more and bought haswell-e CPU.

isaacc, do You have those intel's crooked hand spike?

Hi Guys,

R3aper - What cpu cooler do you have ? Maybe try HWInfo, it may show more and there is an option somewhere to enable the onboard gpu monitoring, probably in HWMonitor I would imagine too. This might show where the package temp of 100c is.

What do you think of my temps, here's a video I made with Mafia III.