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3733 OC DRAM Profile

Level 11
Hey guys I'm running the 3733 memory overclock profile on my maximus ix code with the Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600MHz 8X2 sticks (CMK16GX4M2B3733C17 ver4.31) , is this profile safe to run for everyday 24/7 use?


Yep most definitely safe, that's a speedy kit you have too. 🙂

Hey Nate, thanks for the response, this is music to my ears!

Ok I was just wondering because of mainly the CPU VCCIO Voltage raising to 1.250 , the CPU System Agent Voltage raising to 1.300 and the DMI Voltage raising to 1.250. Noticed the BIOS puts these in purple and wasn't sure if this was a safe OC for 24/7 use or if it was there for like benchmarking only.

The higher speed or more capacity will tend to need more SA and IO voltage and is safe up to 1.35v.

It'a based on the cpu's IMC and how good of a sample you got and what you have looks quite good.

Hey thanks Nate, I've been working on this project for quite some time now and are really happy with it. Just upgraded from Sabertooth Z170S w/6600K) Thanks for the info on needed voltages for higher speed ram, more knowledge, thanks! So far this chip hasnt BSOD yet on 5.1 overclock @ 1.376v adaptive / LLC 6, I want to push it to 5.2 but I think I may have to delid first with cool laboratory. Highest it gets with Realbench v2.43 is 82c after successful 1 hr stress test. Again, appreciate the info on voltages.

7600K Batch# L640F745

Impressive, yeah I'd sit pretty with 5.1GHz, you have a great overclocking 7600k I'd consider it "Golden".

When I went into microcenter in Kansas City to get the board and chip there was about I'd say 50 7600K's stacked up into a cube and I opted to grab one from the very back. I noticed the box didn't have the "VR Ready" sticker affixed to the front of the box like the ones that were in front and since I saw everyone pretty much hitting at least 5GHz on overclock. net back in January I knew they didn't stock those chips like they would food-you know new to back, old to front so I wanted to get one of the first releases. I'm happy but the most I like about this newest rig is the board, the Maximus just has so much more than the Sabertooth had and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I will not buy any other than ASUS from here on out.

Yeah The ROG boards are top notch, there are so many good things you can say about them. I see you have the Maximus IX Code too, it's a great board and I currently have my 7700k at 5.0GHz.

That was pretty slick of you to grab one from a different batch, it looks like it paid off. 🙂

Here's a video I recorded to show some readings.

Very cool but now I want that game. Right now I've been fraggin in Overwatch and Warframe, need something differant.

It's pretty good, the side missions are repetitive but the main story is good, you get to race 10 or 12 tracks with different classes of cars. The AI can be predictable but it's better than Mafia II if you played that.

I wanted to ask you what you're cpu temps are when playing games.