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Z170A Boots to CMOS After Power On!

Level 7
Please help. I have had this Z170-A for several years with no issues. We have it plugged into a power center and at the end of the day we shut it down and turn the power center off. The BIOS is set to turn on after power failure so when we turn the power center on in the morning it powers on the system and monitors OK.
All of a sudden it stopped powering on the system and when I hit the case switch to turn it on, it comes up into BIOS. The setting is set to stay off so I reset it to power on and save it. I can restart and look and it IS saved, but after removing the power it gets reset to stay off again. So what could have changed this and why will it not save. I thought of the CMOS battery but why would only that 1 setting change and not reset?

OH, it says that after I do change the BIOS setting that I made no changes. It shows the last time I changed this was 2 years ago, All my other settins seem OK, so what would prevent the BIOS from not saving this setting? If it were the battery, why are my other settings OK and NO I do not have a BIOS Password set.