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Which BIOS version? Maximus VIII Gene

Level 7
After suffering continual spontaneous re-boots with a clean install of Win10, I'm really wondering which BIOS ever worked on this mobo. The reboots are very sporadic, but seem to get worse the longer the computer has been powered, i.e. 15mins operation, then I run Furmark or 3DMArk and it reboots after 8mins. Then I run Furmark or 3DMark and it reboots after 2mins. Then I run Furmark or 3Dmark and it crashes instantly. Then I can't even login to Win10 without it crashing. Switch off for 30mins, then it behaves again in exactly the same pattern. I've turned off all overclocks and have a clean install of Win10 with minimal latest drivers loaded. Temps and voltages seem fine as logged by HWiNFO64.

3703 is v crashy. It seems from the post here: that even ASUS are disavowing 3703. 3504 is a bit better, but still susceptible to reboots.

Any recommendations from other Maximus VIII Gene owners for how to get a stable Win10 system? If it's a consideration, I have i7-6700K cpu and Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000MHz ram. I'm thinking 3401 or even lower has to be the next logical step.

I did install the latest Intel ME indicated on the support page, but seriously regret making that move.

Level 8
i would recommend you 3201, that was last bios with working offset voltage 🙂
all bioses after this one have offset voltage somehow broken and i had to switch to adaptive voltage
now im on 3703 and no crashes (but i didnt run 3dmark and furmark yet)