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What is the maximum storage IO on Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard with RAID 0?

Level 7
I would like to achieve the fastest IO storage solution that I can on my motherboard whilst also considering the cost to do this. I was thinking of making a RAID 0 for this purpose but I can't determine the most sensible way to do this. Am I right in thinking I could have a RAID 0 made out of six SSDs if I wanted? Would I hit some bottleneck that prevents an improvement over say three or four SSDs?

If each SATA III port can do 6.0 Gb/s would that mean a RAID 0 of six drives capable of that speed would have an IO of 36 Gb/s (4.5 GB/s)? Of course that supposes I can find drives that utilise the maximum IO of each port.


Level 7
Why don't you just go with a good PCIe M.2 drive.
Probably faster, safer and save you a lot of hassle, no ?

Level 7
No, I need the M.2 port for something else (an Acorn FPGA device due to ship in a month or two), besides which a 1 TB PRO 970 M.2 drive costs twice as much as four 250 GB EVO 850 drives and has a random read speed only 25% faster than a single EVO. Four EVO 850 drives in RAID 0 should be faster than the 970 at random read even if they would indeed be slower at sequential read and write. I need the fastest random read. The comparison I used is here