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VIII Ranger sound quality/issues

Level 7

Has anyone noticed that their Ranger board has quite a low quality/volume sound output? I'm using an old Creative 2.1 set up. This has suited my needs for years with an old P5N-E SLI board.

I am finding the sound to be really low, I have the speakers set to 81 on the taskbar. I have also noticed when i'm playing Dota (my main game), the sound is very low and the different skill/music/voices all seem to be out of place, or too quiet.

My BIOS is 0508, and from this thread, I see it has been pulled.

Should I update the BIOS, would I need to reinstall the OS - I see some posters on other threads have stated this should be done, but Google searches don't give a definitive answer.

Level 7
I have only had my VIII Ranger board for a week, but haven't had any sound issues.

I used the CD to install the drivers, and that installed the ROG branded Realtek HD Audio Manager and Sonic Suite 2, and everything seems to be working well audio wise.

Though in my old PC I was previously using an Asus Xonar DG sound card and Windows volume was usually around 10, whereas now with the Ranger it is around 50 (manual speaker volume control remained the same for both setups)

Also just to add I originally was on bios 0508, when I installed Windows 10, and upgraded to bios 1202 a few days later. Haven't noticed any issues that would cause me to reinstall Windows 10.

Level 15