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VIII Ranger SonicStudio 2 + Philips 5250b Home Theater

Level 7
My new 5.1 Setup - Philips 5250b Home Theater

my question is how to get a perfect 5.1 channel dividing with the combination of my motherboard

its working fine but i get the vocals from center speaker only in any kind of situation in cinema. for the case, if someone is calling/knocking from left side in cinema the vocal/sounds suppose to come from front left or rear left speaker but only center speaker gets all the vocals and sound effects comes in front speakers mostly and it doesnt work like actual 5.1

suggestions ?

configured 5.1 and tested working
turned on sonic studio 2
vlc audio settings set to directX audio output > use s/pdif when available
i have played non 5.1 movies and songs till now because i guess sonicstudio or vlc has to convert into 5.1 with their strengths
have to turn off 5.1 in home theater inorder to work 5.1 from PC. so turned off the prologic in HT
Battlefield > 26d / 2k