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VIII Ranger and the Adaptive Voltage Option

Level 7
Hi Folks,

i have a 6600K running on a VIII Ranger Board (Bios 1504).
The CPU has a stable overclock at 4700Mhz@1.330vcore in manual mode.
Cache runs at 4100MHz, LLC 5.

Now i tried to set the vcore in the "additional turbo mode cpu core voltage" setting to let the cpu use less vcore while in idle.
offset mode sign -> "-"
CPU Core Voltage Offset -> "Auto"

But hell, the Board wont boot with this setting. The Board gets a bootloop and i have to power down the system with holding the
power on/off button. After that it says OC failed.
I played a bit around with the offset mode sign and the cpu core voltage offset but nothing helps. still bootloop etc.
I searched the internet for some how to´s for Z170 and adaptive mode. couldnt find really something that helped me.

Setting the Voltage Mode to "manual" is everything fine.

Is the Z170 Series known for having problems with this mode?

thank you in advance for any help.


Ps: hope ist readable. english is not my native language :cool:

Level 10
Hi, There is a lot of confusion around adaptive mode. Here's what worked for me.

Find your stable overclock using manual settings which you seem to have done. Now Change voltage from Manual to Adaptive and you'll get the option to set an offset value and CPU turbo voltage.

Set the offset to +, leave the value at auto and key in 1.330 in additional turbo voltage. F10 and it should boot just fine.

If you find your voltage is jumping up a lot under load then you need to adjust Load line Calibration which can be found in the Digi power menu. I think the Auto setting is equivalent to around level 7. I've taken mine back to level 5.

I'm running a 6700K at 4500Mhz. The voltage I keyed into "additional turbo voltage is 1.260 which ramps to 1.312 according to CPUZ and HW monitor when under load. It was jumping to 1.340 leaving Load line calibration on auto.

Post back if that works.


big thanks rickytug, switching the offset sign to + worked. :cool:
Tried it with my 4600MHz setting.
Additional Turbo Core Voltage set to 1.250, LLC Level was already set to 5.
CPU Core in Idle is now 1.120. Vcore under load ( Prime ) is about 1.280.

Only thing that confuses me is if the bios (also the cpu) is set on default values the vcore in idle is about 0.752 and
i thought i can adjust the idle voltage with the offset sign "-" and "cpu core offset voltage" set to 0.368
( 1.120 - 0.368 = 0.752 ) but nothing i set workes.

Maybe i understand the offset sign and offset voltage settings wrong.


Glad it worked. I must admit I haven't tried entering a manual offset value as I don't really understand it either. Just leaving it on auto and adjusting the level of LLC gets the on load Vcore around where I want it.