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VIII hero alpha and i7 6700k OC voltage HELP

Level 7
OC at 4.5Ghz

i can't get the voltage to run at 1.32V under LOAD, at LLC 5 it will run at 1.312V ( show in aida64 and hwmonitor) (1.312 V is unstable BSOD )

LLC 4 it will run at 1.29v

LLV6 1.344V

if i type in 1.325v Manual, Vcore voltage will jump between 1.312v and 1.328 V alternating

Tested 1.33V Manual, LLC 5 Vcore voltage under load 1.328V stable

any help?

Nate152 wrote:
Hi Subsider

That looks great if that's stable your temps look good too. 1.52v is the max safe voltage so if you can keep temps under control you can try for 4.8GHz.

I like your ram at 3200MHz CL14 that looks like a Trident Z kit.

Great job !

yes it is a Trident Z kit . this cpu will do 4.9 with max voltage , temps creep into the mid to upper 70's c under load though . 4.7 is a good sweet spot .

Looks like you have it dialed in. 😉

Skylake overclocks the BCLK pretty far, I don't know if you've tried it but I was able to get the BCLK to 300.

You could try the BCLK at 200 first as you'd only need to set the multiplier in half and set your ram speed back to 3200MHz.

In HWinfo the Bus Clock is the BCLK on the left hand side near the top.

Click the pic a few times to make it bigger.