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Unable to install Win7 on VIII Hero, any help? (Drivers missing)

Level 7
I can't get it to install, keeps crying about "Missing CD/DVD Drive error" I DO NOT OWN A CD or DVD DRIVE!

I assumed, by google research, it does not have a driver for the USB3 or SATA Chipset and just shows a wrong error
but I tried every sata and usb3 drivers of the ASUS Website for my motherboard at the Install it did not made it work. I simly can't get ppast this weird Driver error screen..

PS: Yes I also tried to just disable every USB3 port and host, still does not fix it.

So can anyone help me with that? If you have windows 7, how did you get it installed?

Chino wrote:
Windows® 7 and USB 3.0 driver installation for 100 Series and Braswell platform

I used a ghetto work-arround. Used a old external SATA adapter to make a old 300GB SATA drive external. Used Rufus (unfortunately it REQUIRES a external usb hdd or stick) then wrote a windows iso onto said 300GB HDD with rufus.

And then put that HDD back into my system, then uefi-booted of that and install works fine.

Heh, on the bright side, a install of a SATA3 disk is way faster than slow DVDs or USB sticks.

But for the future, i guess il try the EZ Installer method.