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System Unstable with XMP settings

Level 7
It took me about a month to figure out that my xmp setting is what is causing my system to crash every time I play a game. only way to keep my system from crashing is to set the ram to 2133mhz. I tried replacing the ram with a different brand. I started with EVGA superclock ddr4 2800 16gb memory then I switch to corsair dominator platinum ddr4 2800 16gb, but I still got the same issue when xmp is enable. The question I have is, have anyone else experience this issue and if they found a way to fix it

Level 14
You are not the first person to experience this, it can be quite common, some memory kits are made with settings specifically for the X99 platform and some for the Z-170 platform, and sometimes the motherboard doesn't detect and enter the correct XMP settings
Try instead to enter the speed, primary timings and voltage of the XMP settings manually, you may have to increase VCSA and VCIO voltages a tiny bit to get your modules stable

Please enter all your hardware specs, although probably not needed to troubleshoot this issue, it generally helps others helping you


Level 15
Make sure you're using RAM that was designed for your platform. If XMP doesn't work, input the timings and voltage manually. If using DDR4 above 2133MHz, you might need to tweak SA and IO voltages.