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Strange RGB behavior

Level 7
I am having issues using Aura Sync to set my ram RGB colors. When I launch a game, the RGB colors go crazy and start flickering and displaying random lighting effects I didn't choose. It's very strange.

My system:
Asus Maximus Hero VIII with latest BIOS version (3802)
Intel 6700k
Team T-Force Delta II RGB Series 8GB (4 x 4GB)
Windows 10 Home 64 bit

I have corsair HD RGB Fans, controlled by corsair link. I'm using Aura Sync to set my ram RGB colors and I'm using Live Dash to control my 240 Ryou ROG AIO cooler's OLED screen. I'm having an awful time trying to get all these RGBs and the OLED screen to work. I think corsair's iCUE software was making live dash freeze. The RGBs on the ram are acting wonky. I am lost here.

I'm not quite sure what the issue is. I've also tried to use TForce's Blitz software to control my lighting, but that has the same issue. Any help on getting my system on track would be appreciated.

I've also made sure to set the defaults for all these software controllers to admin access. I also don't mind doing a clean install of windows and trying from scratch if you think it would help. I've installed and uninstalled so many pieces of software at this point: AI suite, corsair iCUE, Corsair Link, Asus Aura, TForce Blitz, Live Dash, etc etc. Maybe uninstalls aren't getting everything. Maybe some software just isn't workable with other software.

If anyone could recommend, for my system, a coherent way to control my Corsair HD120 RGB fans, corsair RGB LED strips, my RGB Tforce ram, and my Asus Ryou, it would be appreciated.

Also, I'm now getting "Asus Device No Found" error on live dash and my Ryou image settings were lost.

Uninstalling Live Dash made my RGB ram stop working after it had started working.

Holy hell, this is a giant mess lmfao.

Hi Gallus


Do you have the Maximus VIII Hero/Alpha or Maximus VIII Hero ?

The Maximus VIII Hero/Alpha supports Aura sync while the standard Maximus VIII Hero does not.

This is the motherboard I have:

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO/Whetstone LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Z170 ATX Motherboard

If it doesn't support Aurasync, I guess I should use the Team Group's Blitz software to control my memory's RGB lighting? I can't find anything that lists motherboard compatibility for my ram on their website though. This is the RAM I purchased:

Any suggestion on how to best control the RGB on this RAM would be appreciated.

Also, is my motherboard too old to support the Asus Ryou / Asus Ryujin OLED Live Dash AIO coolers?

Thank you

I don't see the Maximus VIII Hero/Whetstone listed as supporting Aura sync.

Uninstall aura sync and run CCleaner to clean the registry. You can install aura from the motherboard disk or from the ASUS Support Center, under Utilities click "See All Downloads" then scroll down to to Lighting Control version 1.01.16

You'll have to install the Blitz software to control your ram.

Your ram should work fine, the Maximus IX and X boards are supported so it should work with the Maximus VIII boards too, you just can't control the lighting with Aura.

Thanks for your fast response! I did a full wipe of windows, installed just Blitz, and everything seems to be working fine. Ram RGBs are being controlled normally now. Though I have to install and run a game to see if it's completely stable (with Aura Sync, it controlled the RGB lighting on the ram, but when I entered a game and launched into fullscreen mode the settings went berserk and the RGBs started flashing and outputting random colors)

I was thinking of buying my wife's PC a more up to date CPU / motherboard. Is it safe to assume that a newer motherboard like the Maximus XI Hero (wifi), , being a newer board, will have less kinks / issues with things like controlling RGB ram via Aura and using Live Dash, the software for the OLED screen on the Ryou / Ryujin asus AIO coolers?

Well, the Maximus IX, X, XI support Aura sync and your ram supports Aura sync too so yes that would be better.

Nate152 wrote:
Well, the Maximus IX, X, XI support Aura sync and your ram supports Aura sync too so yes that would be better.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the info. I pulled the trigger and got my wife a ROG Maximus XI Hero (wifi) mobo with a 9600k and I decided to go all out and get an ROG Zenith Extreme mobo for my threadripper 2950x build, largely because of your great feedback and help.

When I built my wife her first gaming PC back in 2005, I offered to do case lighting / fans for her, and she was so happy because she thought it looked so cool. She then asked for pink / teal for the colors.....

But then I had to inform her that she had basically 3 or 4 choices. Red, Blue, Green, white. Was basically the only colors that were widely available. She was so sad lol.

Now with all these awesome rgb products and software I think I'm finally get to build her the gaming rig of her dreams. But damn is it confusing right now.

Thanks again for the help man. I appreciate it!