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Strange overclock at factory BIOS (z170 Ranger, 6700k)

Level 7
Dear community, i dont know where to go with my problem, so im writing here 🙂

Motherboard: Z170 Maximus VIII Ranger
CPU: i7-6700k
Ive purchased this setup in 2016 march, and was running the factory BIOS since (im 90% sure it was version 1001, but i just dont remember damn 😄 )
I have achieved 4.5ghz overclock, at 1.28v in bios, which went up from 1.28v to 1.296v in windows, with LLC Level 6 (this board has a scale of Level 1-7). Temperature was nice too, lower 70s celsius. But i have dived myself into the load line calibration thing, and wanted to lower it to at least Level 5. The only stable overclock at Level 5 was 1.325v in bios, and 1.328-1.344v in windows.
Notice, that while Level 5 seems legit, Level 6 is a bit interesting. First of all it should give more vcore i think, and how come that i need much less voltage to be rock stable for every stress test, and one and a half year usage?!

Then i updated the bios to the latest version 3504. Entered everything how it was before: 1.28v LLC Level 6. Now in windows im reading 1.28v to even 1.344v, but usually to 1.328v, and now its failing prime95 like instantly. (Maybe temps higher too, but that could be the 1.5 year old thermal paste, or the intel dog poop under the lid). The only stable was at Level 5 like before: 1.325v in bios, 1.328-1.344v in windows.

Well, the LLC 6 and 1.28v looks pretty good, i know i just cant hack my cpu with older bios and reduce its vcore hunger. It seems my cpu needs 1.328-1.344v for 4.5ghz. Im aware that i dont have a golden chip, no problem tho.
But what happened here? There must be an explanation. With factory bios (probably version 1001), why was LLC 6 and 1.28v vcore enough for 1.5 year, without any error, freeze, BSOD even at gaming, and heavy workloads? Or was it a bios bug, a false reading and probably the cpu got like 1.344v?
Or was it really legit, and i should roll back the bios? 😄