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Strange fan message in bios.

Level 9
All the time with this homebuilt computer with Asus motherboard i have got the message (check your fans in the bios) and it always booted straight into bios to tell me this.Nice but when i dont need to check my fans when i know that they are working properly and keeping the right degree on the cpu.Its just the waterpump header on the motherboard who have been connected when the two fans on this water cooler goes directly to the coolers head on top of the cpu.However, when i connect a fan to one of the fan pins beside this waterpump header it stop showing this message.I didnt let the cooler fans stay on these fan pins but i turned of this message and now it boots straight into Windows when there still aint nothing wrong with the fans.Anyway to get around this beside turning of the message.

Hi FonzieBullDdog

If you don't have a fan connected to the cpu fan header you will get the cpu fan error message and will want to set the cpu fan to ignore as you've done.

Level 7
maybe you have to set low rpm in BIOS to 200 or 300 rpm on chasis fan or cpu fan header

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