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Sonic Studio won't open in WIndows 10 v1607

Level 8
It starts in tray bar, but configuration window won't open. I'm gonna try newer version I found on the Internet.

EDIT: Nope, neither them work. Bummer.
EDIT2: This one work:
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FalloutBoy wrote:
You can get sonic studio working perfectly fine. Uninstall all drivers , Install realtek drivers without using the ASUS installer, use the other setup package , ensure that your input and output devices are set to microphone and speakers, not digital output or hdmi out, install the Asus supplied HI-Fi drivers as per normal -ta da everything works as intended, it seems that the realtek drivers being installed in silent mode wont tell you any of this but if you install them yourself and then install the asus driver with it set to digital audio or to hdmi audio out by default they give you no message , installing as above gives you the message "the current audio device is not supported by sonic" and if you havent corrected the output and input devices by now you can still fix it by setting things to mic and speakers.

Have fun all hope this helps. BTW sound quality is incredible even with a crappy set of creative stereo speakers.

Hey, I’ve been searching for how to hey Sonic Studio because I’m not able to find them anywhere til I found this thread. Can hoy please guys tell me where to find that damned software??thanks in advance!*