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Someone care to Recommend RAM?

Level 7
I built my ROG Maximus VIII Hero system back in September of 2015 (specs should be up to date in my profile) with 16 GB of G.SKILL Ram with the intention of updating to 32 GB once the price came down.

The price has come down and I ordered another 16 GB; while waiting for the RAM to arrive, I stumbled upon a post in this forum detailing why it is not recommended to combine 2 different sets of the RAM, i.e, same RAM, Manufacturer, Specs... etc., but manufactured/tested at different times. And G.SKILL recommends the same:
Q: I want to install more memory, in addition to my existing memory kit. What are my options?

A: We do not recommend mixing memory kits, regardless of brand or model.

By mixing memory kits together, there may be compatibility issues such as unable to boot or unable to operate at rated specifications.

Each of our memory kit are thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility within each memory kit. And because we have not tested our memory kit with your existing memory kit, we cannot guarantee compatibility when multiple kits are used.

Here's the RAM I currently have installed (G.SKILL F4-3200C16D-16GVK):

My typical usage is:

  • FPS Gaming
  • Software Development (running under VMWare Workstation 12)
I've O.C.'d to 4.2Ghz, but that was done with AI Suite and I will not AI Suite anymore due to too many issues. I will attempt to O.C. again, though.

Given I do not want to end up with a mis-matched set, I figured I'd just order 32 GB now that the prices have dropped quite a bit. Would anyone care to recommend a complete set?

Hi ncubed

If you're just gaming 16GB is plenty and you really don't need to upgrade.

It is not recommended to mix ram kits of the same specs but you may get lucky and get them to work but it's not worth taking the chance. If you want to upgrade to a 32GB kit play it safe, a 32GB kit in the 3000MHz - 3200MHz range would be good.

Ripjaws v and Trident z are good, I'm currently using Kingston HyperX Predator.

Nate152 wrote:
If you're just gaming 16GB is plenty and you really don't need to upgrade.

I may not have clearly described that I will spin up VMWare for software development. Sometimes 2, maybe 3 VM's at a time. 16 GB of Ram will get by, but I'd like to run the VM's with more Ram.

I was thinking of the Trident; would be interested if you have an opinion on the Trident v. Ripjaws series.


Level 14
Some of the Trident and Ripjaw V series have the same memory modules on them and the only difference is the heatsinks, if the timings are identical is a sign that they may have the same modules

GSkill are releasing Trident kits in different colors soon if you like to color match with your motherboard

Level 15
Indeed. You can never have enough memory for virtualization.

For $50 more, I'd grab the Kingston HyperX Fury 64GB (4 x 16G) DDR4 2133 kit for double the capacity. I'd pick more capacity over faster frequency any day. 🙂

Level 7
I have to agree with Chino when "2, maybe 3 VM's at a time" - "Capacity over faster frequency"

I guess it's a matter of preference and the programs you use, 16GB is plenty for gaming and in this benchmark it's showing 16GB faster by a frame or two. It could depend on the game if and how much 32GB would benefit.