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Slow SSD booting (Z170 + Windows 7 Z170 patch)

Level 7
My Specs 1st:

MB:ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING (Default BIOS. Not gonna update it because if i do the keyboard won't be able to go into BIOS. WARNED YA!)
CPU: Intel i7 6700K (Default speed)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133mhz
SSD 2 (Backup incase of format for fast reinstalls): SAMSUNG EVO 840 250GB
HDD 1 (TV Recordings) WD 1TB Blue
HDD 2 (Downloads) WD 4TB Blue


-DVD Drive
-Logitech G213 (KB)
-Logitech G502 (Mouse)
-Pinnacle Moviebox HD (TV Capture Device)
-WD My Book 8TB (But it's not connected to the wall, aka it's mainly OFF unless needed)
-Avermedia Extremecap U3 (Same as My book's status but unplugged from device, while USB is connected on PC)


-Updated Windows 7
-Updated GPU Drivers
-Updated Logitech software
-Even with USB drivers are updated, it won't affect the below situation


SSDs are supposed to be blazingly FAST when booting up. People who owns even , for example, a Razer Ornata (Chroma?), says that their booting (From the moment you press the Power button till you hear and see your Windows 7/10 desktpo, takes simply 7 seconds....Ofcourse with a different MB than mine etc.

The thing is that my PC takes around 35 seconds the moment i press the Power till i see the desktop...That just ain't normal.

There was a moment where months ago that duo to a previous Z170 PRO GAMING MoBo BIOS Update, my Keyboard wouldn't get recognized at POST and it'd take minutes to load into Windows..That, or never. That's why i could still RMA the board to where i bought it and get the same one,but this time WITHOUT UPDATING THE BIOS!!!! ><.. And now the keyboard works, however i think the BIOS is on a newer version but i couldn't tell why whatever etc..

When that situation happened i had to ask for a normal keyboard, a non-gaming one, and it's a Logitech one... Plugged it into the PC and the boot times drastically lowered down to around 15secs in total (Power 2 Desktop)

However, again, now i'm using this RMA'd (though New) board , same model etc, the PC takes 35secs, and i don't know why.

On a Reddit forum ( here i asked the same but the user stopped helping me (without warning) after telling me each situation etc, and well, since this is an ASUS forum i tought you guys could try and lend me a hand and have a 2nd opinion.

The thing is that, when i press the Power button, i can see the ASUS logo for 2-5 secs (depending if i rebooted the PC or not?, heat?), the keyboard goes on Rainbow LED changing, and when the W7 "Starting Up" message and logo appears, for a moment the LEDs are turned off... And 1-2 secs before the logo disappearing, the LEDs go back on again on rainbow, only to change into my "Solid Blue" pattern from Logitech's Software settings i gave it, then you hear then see the W7 Desktop after 3 secs (60hz->120hz mode monitor change)

What's wrong with my PC?...And please don't tell me to update the BIOS because i am sure it can be done without touching it.. Else goodbye BIOS access with my G213..

I'm not quite following you. Are you saying your PC boots faster with a generic keyboard?
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

xeromist wrote:
I'm not quite following you. Are you saying your PC boots faster with a generic keyboard?

I've re-tried now after a long time and both generic wireless Logitech MK120 and my Logitech G213 still boots at the same times ,30-40sec. I don't know what else it could be that makes the PC start that slow...Any suggestions?. Something that i could change in the BIOS WITHOUT UPDATING IT?..

You can look for settings like memory training, fastboot, etc. There may be some options you can change but I don't own your board so I can't tell you specifically. Another thing is if you have a RAID controller enabled but you aren't using RAID then that can slow you down.

The thing is, if all of the BIOS initialization is already completed the slowdown could be coming from Windows loading in which case changing BIOS settings wouldn't help. Since you had a faster boot time at one point in the past you have to figure out as much as possible everything that has changed. It's possible new devices or driver updates may cause Windows to load more slowly.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…