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Slow M.2 write speeds??

Level 7
System specs:
Windows 10, Version 2004 Build 19041.572
I7-6700k no OC
Asus Maximus VIII Hero Bios 3802 (latest)
Corsair Vengence 3200mhz 16gb ram
Galax 980ti HOF
Sabrent Rocket Q NVMe PCIe m.2 2280 SSD 1TB
WD Black 4TB
Asus Blu-ray DVD-RW drive

How things are hooked up, have the WD and Asus optical drive on SATA ports 3 and 5 per Asus manual. m.2, is in only slot it can go into. Per Crystaldisk info, m.2 is running through NVME express, PCIe 3.0 x4 transfer mode. However, read speeds seem ok, but write speeds are abysmal!!! Have ensured windows is up to date, all chipset drivers are up to date... Haven't reinstalled windows yet, as everything else seems to be working right. I know this board doesnt have PCIe 4.0, but was expecting a bit better than this.... Anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on? Pics in the imgur link below! Thank you all so much!

Level 7
Well, reinstalled windows, write speeds about doubled ~1800Mbs, but still not on par with what I have seen. Contacted Sabrent support, they are replacing my drive, with out much fuss.. Kind of makes me wonder...

I have a Samsung 960 EVO that is running slow. I ran User Bench Test and it indicates it's funning the last 10th percentile compared to others in similar systems. I don't want to try and reinstall windows. I have too much installed that's a pain to get back to working. Oh Well...

Hi, I'd have said, maybe bad contact ? take the drive off and on again
Check drivers,
In my experience SSDs are tricky, when they are full their performance decreases.
Also maybe flush the cache before there a Sabrent maintenance tool ?

Level 8

It sounds like people are talking about the M.2 SSDs on Z170 motherboards not hitting the speeds they're supposed to. This kind of chat usually involves folks swapping tips on how to fix it, like tweaking BIOS settings or updating SSD firmware. It's the kind of problem that can drive you nuts if you're counting on that speed for your setup. If you're struggling to troubleshoot technical issues like this and need some extra support, services like can offer assistance.