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Since BIOS 1010 - HIGH CPU temps

Level 7
Hi guys, 6700k with MAximus Ranger VIII. Kraken X61 with Noctua fans.

I had a stable overclock at 4.6 with adaptive mode on and voltage on turbo set to around 1.35 I think. Couldn't get to 4.7 because of temps.

Anyway, I updated to windows 10, updated the latest bios at the time [BIOS1010, (i am aware there's been two since at the time of writing).
I was happily flight simming when I felt the pc very hot, looked into my realtemp and the cpu was at like 95C spiking and the voltage going up to 1.44+!

I was shocked! Quickly went into bios, double check voltages and rebooted.. Same again. It seems like adaptive voltage is broken?

Anyway, I am on manual now and set 1.36 but I am noticing my cpu temperatures are very high.

Is there any guidance on this? What happened to Adaptive voltage and is there any link to higher than expected temps? Right now I peak at around 86 using CPU heavy tasks.

Level 15
The Adaptive voltage issue has been solved in the 1102 BIOS going forward. Also note that a lot of changes happen between one revision and the next. Your overclock settings usually don't carry over so well. You might need to finetune them a little.