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ROG Asus Maximus VIII Hero 5.1 sound issue

Level 7

I have problem with 5.1 sound in internet browser (youtube), only two front speakers work and subwofer.
When I play in music player (Winamp) all speakers work properly. Please help.

I set 5.1 in realtek manager and in windows speaker configuration.

Hi, tnx.

I have only 5.1 in Internet explorer but on rear speakers sound is weird (I don't no why). Microsoft edge and Firefox play only on two speakers.
I read problems from others, but they have problem with chrome.

I don't know why I don't have enhacement tab in speaker configuration and I can't turn on speaker fill up.

Do you have any idea?

Try right clicking on the speaker at the bottom right of your screen, click playback devices and select speakers as the default device and click configure and select 5.1.

Does this help ?

I have already setup 5.1 but no resolve my problem.
I cant find sound effect in realtek manager.
I read maybe set sound effect *to room can resolve problem.
Thank you for your advice.*

If your games and winamp are working in 5.1 it could possibly be youtube doesn't support 5.1.

Yes winamp and games normally work on 5.1, IE work on 5.1 but sound on rear speker is not clear.
Before ROG i have MSI motherboard and I don't have problem with sound on same speakers.

Can you change sound effect, I feel as if some options are missing in realtek manager or sonic studio.

Can you screenshot you realtek manager and sonic studio setup?

well I don't use 5.1 speakers I just use a stereo headset.

You might need to check (surround speakers) what I have circled in yellow.

Click the picture a few times to make it bigger.


Ok. Tnx. I have same options, only speaker configuration is 5.1.
I don't know how to give 5.1 sound on firefox 😞

Level 7
Hi guys, I installed windows 10 1909 and my subwoofer not working. All speaker on test working properly, but when I click on subwoofer i hear sound in front speaker very quite.

I tried reinstall drivers, but not help me.
Do you have any idea how to fix this?