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Ranger VIII random click

Level 7
Hi, I recently upgraded to a maximus ranger viii motherboard and I've been hearing this single tick/click during boot and at random times when the pc is turned on.
Everything else in the pc stayed the same, I just switched cpu, motherboard and memory and that's when it started.
Now I gather this may be from the nec relay and is nothing to worry about, but why would it be doing this when I'm not using the onboard sound and have it disabled in the bios?

Level 12
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Is it coming from your speakers/headphones or from inside your case?
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From inside the case.

Varjo wrote:
From inside the case.

Unfortunately its like that by design which for folks like me who are OCD for these things gets annoying, its the same way for Maximum VII Hero, if you can ignored it then do so but if its something that will bother you all the time switch your board to something else as it won't be changed/fixed, I have a Xonar STX II sou d card too and I have to go through 3 clicks every time, so my OCD got the better of me and I switched boards.

Hello! Do you know if Z170 Deluxe does this sound too ? I will replace my VIII Hero because of on board sound popping anyway and I want to get rid of that clicking sound too.