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Qcode dd

Level 7
Hi All,

Would anyone be able to tell me what the postcode "dd" stands for on the Maximus VIII Extreme?

I keep getting stuck on that during boot.

Also, do you need both a 4 pin and an 8 pin CPU power connector?

EDIT: I'm now past dd, but keep getting 99, even with drives installed.

Level 15
List your complete system specifications for me please. Also when your system is stucked at the 99 QCODE, please look beside the 24 pin power connector and indicate if any of the 4 QLEDs remain lit. 🙂

Hello Hungry93

The 8 pin cpu power cable is mandatory, the 4 pin is only needed for extreme overclocking but it won't hurt anything if you want to connect it.

Code 99 usually has to do with the gpu area whether it be power to your gpu or connectivity with your monitor.

Do you have the pcie power cables connected to your graphics card?

As Chino suggests your system specifications would be helpful.

Level 7
postcode "dd" doesn't stand for anything. I went through the same issue and contacted Asus about it. Their reply (after many emails) was that "dd" was a placeholder code for any future needs. It means absolutely nothing other than that there's an error that Asus has no answer for.

Hmmmm so it's back to "dd", I just checked your manual at and I don't see a code "dd" listed, are you sure it's "dd"?

Do you have display with code dd?

Q-Codes start at page 1-29