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Qcode 00 solved Hero Viii?

Level 7
Hello folks,

Building a new system this weekend (see profile sepcs). Unfortunately I had the 00 on first test post a few days ago. I read all the threads here that relate to this 00 code. After I did all that was suggested, no luck in figuring out the culprit.
It couldn't be the PSU, is all i kept saying to my self this weekend. It's a top rated PSU. So today i pulled out a Antec High current Gamer 900 watt I forgot I had stashed in the back room. I hooked up the 8 pin CPU, the 24 pin board, and the two 8 pins for the Graphics Card.

First power on was perfect. No issues what so ever. I shut down and re powered on at lest 45 times over the last few hours. Now granted, with the EVGA PSU I was able to get into the bios, install Win 10 but once you shut down and powered back on, random 00 code like all the others on the forum have described. So I unhooked the Antec, and attached the EVGA and nothing, 00 code fist try. Is it really that simple that the whole time this weekend it was the EVGA PSU all along?

I was able to update to Hero Viii bios 1701 without a hitch. Question is, do I get a replacement, or look for a new vendor. I picked the EVGA because of the specs and Toms hardware tested it a high rating.

Thanks, and well met from Iowa fellow ROG gamers.

Hi osiris316

Welcome to the ROG forum !

It certainly seems the evga psu is faulty if your antec 900w works without issues. EVGA supernova's are good psu's I would recommend rma'ing it ASAP they have a 10 yr warranty. 🙂

Any high end pc component can fail at anytime but don't get discouraged, keep it on hand for a future build or a spare.

Hi Nate152,

Been reading a lot of your reply's this weekend. I joined the ROG forum before I even had my gear. All the gear in my specs is new. Although I do fully understand that anything can ship out faulty, it was a big surprise to have that EVGA be the one. Going to RMA the EVGA for a replacement. Although I just chimed in today, I want to thank all the people who have taken the time to post here. This forum has been my best friend all weekend. It helps knowing your not alone when you hit a snag. But that's why i enjoy building my own PC even if it can be a pain sometimes.

Thanks again,


Level 15
A faulty PSU can definately cause the 00 QCODE. I'm glad you had extra parts. It's so much easier to diagnose. 🙂

Hello folks,

The EVGA replacement PSU is on it's way to Iowa from California. It better work! ha. Since last Sunday I just took a break and thought I would wait for the NEW PSU. But yesterday after work the fire in my heart was burning. So I put in the old trusty Antec 900 and began to start over and clean up all the loose ends. I installed all of my hardware drivers across the board, some, as well, from the ASUS web support sight that would be on the included DVD that I needed. I covered all the basics, avoided those not needed. Looking forward to checking out the Realtech drivers I just installed to see what this pop-click issue is all about, we shall see.

I hadn't even hooked up the VG248QE monitor yet, holy cow, I used some of the calibration ideas I found on the net and dam, this monitor shoots out of the water my old ASUS VH242H. Let me just say that in the last day I have put this build back on the path I intend it to be on. That Qcode 00 zone is a place none of us want to be. I have used the Chino overclock guides and have the free monitoring software apps to check real time system level information. I decided not to install the AI suite. I'm going full bios to overclock. If I found the need for a app, I went and found what I needed elsewhere.

I'm running under 30*c at idle across all points of temp sensors. My CPU voltage is between 1.350 - 1.408. Stable OC at 4.5 GHz CPU, 3000 MHz memory. Got 13,600 on 3dMark Fire Strike 1.1. Ran Heaven bench maxed without issues. But then I found the Realbench link in Chino's thread. So I downloaded it at gave it a whirl. Filtering just to my build specs I hit third place.

fleaflicer is my realbench user name.

Realbench - 154780

Question. Why does some specs show low values such as CPU Frequency and Memory Frequency?

Other than that, today has really energized my passion for our craft. If anything, let this small little thread encourage others to not give up, and to use all of the free tools, and wealth of talented folks on the search engine of your choice to get you where you want to be.
Granted, this will all change if that dam EVGA rains on my parade next week. Thanks for all the people around the net that are there to assist others when things seem futile.

Sorry if this is narcissistic, but I'm having fun today. I had to share some good karma here.

Well met all,



edit: Max temps all under 70*c full load.


Level 14
RealBench reads your system specs when started, your CPU is idling at 800mhz which is normal, it will increase speed under load, memory speed at 1500mhz is also normal reading for 3000mhz, DRAM double data rate
Your system is operating very well, job well done sir

Thanks for the info Menthol, I just wanted to let you folks know that I put in my replacement EVGA PSU and it booted up on the first try. I'm beginning to think that the first one I got was a refurbished unit. Beacuse the replacement I got had a more industrial watertight shrink wrapping on the outer box. The first one had a flimsy loose plastic wrap. Last night I finished up my build and it is now complete and fully functional. Now I'm going to finish up my tweaks and hit the road at full speed.

Thanks for all that you do fellow ROG'ers,




I forgot to add my experience with the ASUS Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.7786 and SonicSuite V2.2.16 SupremeFX on board chip over the last week of testing.

Nothing to report. Unless I'm missing something not as of yet tried program wise, or the pop and crackle issues I read about is more specific to those who use headphones for the audio experience, I have yet to personally have experienced anything buggy or other wacky anomalies.

I'll let you know if I do as I move forward.

Best regards all,


You're welcome

Good to see you running full bore with the evga supernova psu, keep the antec for a spare. 🙂