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pci-e /w gpu running at x4

Level 7
Hello everybody.

I have read many articlesand posts here and heard their solutions, tested them, but w/o any success.

For four days now I've been sitting in front of the computer and can't find a solution ...

In advance:
i7 6700k 4.0 GHz
Asus maximus extreme viii
evga gtx 1660 xc ultra
32 GB hyperX fury 2666 MHz (hx426c15fbk4/32)
corsair h60
evo 860 250 gb sata 6 (out now)
evo 960 250 gb m.2
bq dark power pro 10 750w
(None of them were overclocked manually during the tests)

I tryed...
- Bios update although the current version was already ahead - cmos reset via switch and new bios update with latest vers.
- switched to the third PCI-E slot (sli/cf)
- put in one of my old AMD R 6870 into the first PCI-E slot
- on power supply switched VGA 1 to VGA 2 (... helplessness) - - run it with one single RAM
- (SA) graphic configuration primary display Auto>peg
- starting w/o ssd
- the interface cleaned several times
- PCI-E slots activated and deactivated by Switch on mobo
- cried a little in between
- removed old SSD, added new one

Im thankful for any help...

Best regards,


Level 7

Although i don't have an answer for you i can say that as of today im stuck with a similar problem where my gfx card is now stuck at 8x where as before it used to be x16 and i have no idea as nothing has changed.

here to hoping someone reads and has a solution!

oh also make sure u dont have thermal paste on the under side of the cpu !!!!
clean the underside of the cpu itself!!!
make sure there is contact between cpu and motherboard!!!

Level 9
am having similar issue lately when i moved my pc in my car, i think i have bent the motherboard cpu socket pins!!!!

you have motherboard cpu socket pins bent!!! please check them and fix the pins on the mothboard
my pc is runing 2x HAHAHAH