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Offset voltage lowering on Maximus IX

Level 7
I have a Maximus IX with a 4.2 Ghz i7-7700K. Cooler is a Krakin x61. Case is a Corsair Master Box 5t. Graphics card is 1080 Ti.

I have it set for 5.0 Ghz and SpeedStep. It idles down to 800 Mhz and runs at the 5 Ghz. I have voltage set to Offset.

CAM is showing that the voltage goes all the way down to 0.72 at 800Mhz and is 1.46 at 5 Ghz.

When running Prime 95 for over 10 minutes, the cores seem to level off around 72C at standard conditions), but they do seem to spike for a few seconds into the 80s or 90s. I am not sure why the spike, but the temps do lower and get below 80C.

I want it to scale the voltage no higher than 1.375 volts to get the temps lower still, but I have no idea how to change the offset or limit the max to that. I am running the latest BIOS. How can I keep offset voltage but have it go no higher than 1.375?


Level 8
When you set the Vcore to Offset, you also give it the actual offset value in the CPU Core Voltage Offset (defaults to Auto). You simply lower that value until the actual voltage is what you want it to be.

In your case, you need to set the value to about 0.09 lower than it is now. That should take it from 1.46v to about 1.37v. Note that you might need to put the Offset Mode Sign to - instead of +, depending on the offset value you're using now. Example: If the offset value is +0.05 now and it gives you 1.46v total, you would need the offset to be -0.04 for it to give you 1.37v total.