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occasional no boot with code 00

Level 8
I have a Maximus VIII Hero Alpha on BIOS 1601 and a i7-6700K. I use G.Skill DDR4-3000 CL15 (on the QVL). I typically run a 4.5GHz overclock but have tested this issue at stock as well. The overclock is tested with 4 hours of RealBench on max ram, 600% coverage hci memtest for windows, and 24 hours of Prime. As a side note, I had been under the impression Prime was no longer a good test for this platform but it actually discovered an error at 1.21V after 13 hours that the other benchmarks didn't, which resulted in a voltage increase. 1.23V tested fine so my set voltage is 1.26 with a LLC setting that results in 1.248V under load.

The issue occurs maybe 1 in 20 boots. With my overclock and without. When it starts up the monitor stays in standby, black, and system never boots. I must power off and restart by holding the chassis button down. It just says code 00 on the motherboard. Is the startup voltage too low?

Level 8
I've more or less learned to live with this...