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OC Panel II or OC Panel?

Level 9
I want to get the OC Panel for this motherboard. Is the standard OC Panel forward compatiable or am I required to purchase an OC Panel II?
I cannot source them in Australia. I have asked PC Case Gear but no response as yet.

If it is compatible, what are the benefits of OC Panel II over OC Panel? Eg is it worth holding out to get an OC Panel II when the OC Panel
is available?

FYI ~ I do know what web page says, I am asking as its quite possible the web page was never updated to reflect its compatability with newer motherboards.

Level 13
I have both versions and have used them back and forth on my R8E & MVE they both work fine. the only noticeable difference I see is the ROG logo lights up on the newer version. I am sure there may be other internal upgrades but I can not say for sure. You will need an expert opinion on that. If you get an earlier version I would not recommend flashing to the newer firmware as this may cause it to stop functioning. Sorry I could not be more helpful.

Level 10
Both work, but you need to flash the firmware of OC Panel I to one that's compatible with Z170 (0603 from here