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New PC, stuck on Q-code A9 (start setup). Maximus VIII Gene Z170 Chipset.

Level 7
Beginner at this, so forgive me and please be patient 😛

I had a fair few issues on first assembly, but it restarted itself a fair few times, and I used the Cmos clear on the back and I got to this screen:

So I pressed F1, and that screen goes but that's it, I see nothing else. Fans are running, and it 'looks on'. Q-Code is A9.
I'm connected via the boards HDMI port, seems it doesn't like it. <- The other topic clued me in
Input a 7850 GPU I have, connected via DVI and shows Bios Screen OK.

So yeah this topic is solved, found the 'fix', the default/initial Bios of the Maximus VIII Gene Z170 board won't output via HDMI.

Hello neiljwd

Welcome to the ROG forum.

In your manual code A9 should say "start of setup".

Let it run for a little while on code A9 and see what happens.

Edit: HDMI should work from the motherboard, maybe it has something to do with your tv or possibly a bad cable? If you got it going with the 7850 and a dvi cable all is good, you'll just need a headset or some speakers now. 🙂