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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop mouse and keyboard lag

Level 7

I have annoying lag issues with my Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop mouse and keyboard when connecting USB 3.0 storage devices
on the only available external USB3.0 5/6 ports on my Maximus VIII Hero motherboard.
Had anyone experienced same problems?
Any solutions?

Thank you!

Level 7
Yes, I had the same problem, and never solved it. For me it was when using my case's front USB 3.0 ports with the receiver in one port and the flash drive in another.

Level 15
Must be a compatibility issue with your peripherals and the motherboard. Look for a firmware update for your keyboard and mouse.

Thanks for the reply Chino, but there is no firmware update.
The keyboard/ mouse combo is performing very good on other systems...

Level 8
USB devices can be hit and miss on Z170 systems. All USB functions, even the ports limited to USB 2.0 speeds, run through the XHCI controller. The only way to make struggling devices compatible is via a firmware update. I have an old Microsoft wireless mouse that works great on Z68 and Z87 but just lags on Z170. Upgraded to a modern Logitech mouse and no lag.